Give Your Digital Assets a Home in a Digital Media Management Solution

The contemporary period can be described by the developing need for digital media managementthroughout all industry verticals. Pretty much every area of commerce is presently expected to deal with a variety of digital assets created consistently, from corporations, to academic institutions, to healthcare organizations.

Modern digital assets incorporate an assortment of media, including videos, audios, pictures, documents, infographics, leaflets, and other media. Regularly, such media is stored in separate andunsafedevices, for example, desktop folders, shared drives, cloud hosting sites (for example Dropbox), SharePoint CMS, local flash drives, and even outdated disks – all of which are of transcending concerns about content security, storage, management, retrieval, search, and sharing.

To resolve asset managementchallenges, each organization today needs an exhaustive digital media management solutionthat is capable of the following.

Flexible ingestion and storage

A digital media management solution should offer adaptable media capture alternatives for a wide range of digital assets so an organization can store all rich media assets in a single media archive. The solution should offer automatic ingestion choices from different sources andbulk upload.

Considering the magnitude of rich media files, the solution should likewise offer versatile or limitless information storagecapacity in the cloud and on-premises to oblige developing media use across companies. Adaptable capacity choices are fundamental to help extensive data retention policies, which could go from 5 to 25 years or more for basic media files that require long haul recognizability.

Secure access for various users

A company’sdigital assets are produced across different departmental units by partners, contractors, and other stakeholders. Such unique media combination in a dispersed environment necessitates that a digital media management solutionallow secure access to different users with appropriate authorization and access controls.

The solution should likewise uphold both internal and externalaccess to empower a profoundly coordinated and cooperative asset management system that disposes of time and cost efficiencies as well as the security concerns related to disparate media sharing. Besides, on account of multi-party collaboration, the solution should provide audit logs in depth analytics that track, record and follow all actionsperformed by individualusers.

Indexing for effective discoverability and management

With various digital assets being facilitated in one system, it is fundamental to index all media to empower snappy and effective search and management. On account of video, it is imperative that all recordings are promptly transcribed automatically,by AI innovation, to index the content inside the video and make it accessible.

For other media resources, metadata is fundamental for optimal indexing. Furthermore, other AI vision, language and search innovations assume a necessary function in ordering substance of media documents, particularly video, to simplify its retrieval and management for end users.

Work processes for content management, moderation and sharing among groups

A digital media management solution should offer rights management and contentmoderation workflows to control who can share what sort of media and with who, as well as how the assets areapproved forviewing.

The asset management systemshould additionally have work processes for content sharing between groups, which should characterize content sharing limitations between certain user groups or through certain appropriation channels.

Interconnection with existing enterprise systems

Digital media managementis not a disparate process. Each company has different business applications that should be linked with your digital media management solution for ingestion of existing resources a smoothflow of digital media between other content management systems.

A digital evidence management systemshould also offer flexible interoperability with other applications, like corporate LMS, CRM, and video conferencing solutions as well as IT systems, like active directory, cloud, CDNs, encoding tools, and so forth.

How VIDIZMO Offers a Powerful Digital MediaManagement

Gartner-recognized VIDIZMO Enterprise Video Content Management Systemarrangement is completely prepared to ingest,store, manage, findand share all digital media in adaptable deployment situations in the cloud or behind the firewall.

Following are VIDIZMO abilities that empower proficient digital media management:

  • Adaptable media catch: VIDIZMO automatically ingests a wide range of advanced resources, including videos, audio, pictures, documents, and more,compatible with an expansive scope of media filetypes.
  • Media collections: To arrange different media into an extensive computerized document, VIDIZMO empowers the formation of media collections where you can organize various related digital assets in one folder.
  • Tags:Users can assign tags to all media to improve content accessibility and discoverability. All media that is assigned a certaintag shows up when searching for that specific tag.
  • Metadata and faceted search: VIDIZMO empowers consistent keyword search all through the system by applying a wide scope of metadata classifications to all digital assets. Besides, with custom credits or custom metadata classifications, VIDIZMO further improves faceted search or multi-channel search for more focused and refined content search with improved accuracy and relevance.
  • Artificial Intelligent-powered search: In a profoundly imaginative asset management solution, VIDIZMO offers different artificial intelligence capabilities for shrewd and proficient contentsearch. This incorporates search inside videos through AI-empowered transcription and translationas well as facial, speech, objectand character recognition.
  • Incorporated capacity: VIDIZMO stores the entirety of an organization’s digital assets in a single system with limitless storage capacity, subsequently eliminating the dangers presented by insecure storage of assets in different files, folders or external storagedevices.
  • Deployment choices:Customers can choose to deploy VIDIZMO in their preferred climate – regardless of whether it is public or private cloud or behind the firewall in on-premises data centers, or as a hybrid of both. As a Microsoft Gold partner, VIDIZMO offers local coordination with Microsoft Azure Commercial and Azure Government clouds. With this, the customer additionally achieves the broadest scope of compliances.
  • Role-based AccessControl: A safe role-based access control system, approved through single sign-on integration, gives total user and substance detachment dependent on user roles characterized inside the system. Every user is allocated a specific function with various authorizations, which incorporates administrator, manager, moderator, contributor and viewer, limiting the activities a user can perform based upon their roles.
  • Single sign-on: VIDIZMO empowers users to get to use the samecorporate login credentialsthey use for other systems in the organizationthrough single sign-on integration with enterprise active directory, as well as other SSO protocols, like SAML-P, LDAP, WS-Federation, and Unified IAM services, such as Okta, OneLogin, Ping and so on. For custom SSO uses, VIDIZMO offers ID connector to allow flexibleuser authorization. External users can log in through Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Audit logs and encryption: To monitor all user activity inside the system, VIDIZMO offers detailedaudit logs of who accessed the solution/content, when, and who they shared with. This mitigates altering of the content and unapproved media access. In addition, VIDIZMO offerspassword protection and encryption of media for added security.
  • Content review and moderation: With contributor and moderator level user roles, VIDIZMO gives users the capacity to upload and publish content with a layer of contentmoderation by authorizedusers with moderator level access. For automatic redaction of certain media, VIDIZMO offers AI-powered redaction for quicker moderation of identifiedobjects in a video, including face and speech.
  • Interagency asset sharing: VIDIZMO empowers different partners to utilize the same system to ingest, view, manage and share digital media content among groups or with external users, making for a profoundly interactiveand smooth content sharing and collaboration in a single system.
  • Interoperability: VIDIZMO brings out-of-the-box systemintegrations with a scope of other business applications, for example, CMS, LMS, CRM, video conferencing, and IT systems as well as custom integration choices with any proprietary or industry-specific solutions utilized by clients – all of which guarantees interoperability among VIDIZMO and a client’s current working frameworks.
  • Asset preservation: VIDIZMO stores and preserves every single digital file and metadata in its original form alongside the changed, transcoded or alteredfiles.
  • Contentretention and archiving: VIDIZMO underpins long-term information retentionpolicies by permitting asset storing throughout a definedperiod of time. Moreover, system admins can set a time span for content lapse and archiving, dependingonretention requirements, which enhances storage without manual endeavors towards deletion of expired content.

Notwithstanding our given capacities, we modify our solutionbased on specificrequirements. To learn more about how VIDIZMO can help your association, get in touch with us today or get a 30-day free trial.