How to Set Up a Hong Kong Limited Company – How to Start a Hong Kong Limited Company

When you want to open a Hong Kong Limited Company, you will have to submit your Articles of Association. These are critical documents that the company has to adhere to operate legally. These documents are also used by the government to keep records of the company. Some of the documents that you have to include in your Articles of Association are as follows:
If you want to open an import and export company in Hong Kong, then you should know how to set up Hong Kong Limited Company. You will find that there are many legal requirements for opening a company in Hong Kong. It will be essential to understand them if you are a newcomer. You can get advice from the office of your local branch of the Chamber of Commerce.
If you do not have experience in business, it is best to start by opening a business in another country, like Hong Kong or Singapore. You can still have the company registered in Hong Kong if you are already operating in another country.
The director of the company must sign the Articles. This signature is valid only if all the necessary information has been provided. Your signature on the document would be valid only if the secretary of the company obtained it. He or she will give you a signature bond, which will ensure that you are signing the document.
After the Articles of Association have been accepted, they will be submitted to the Companies House. The company’s registration papers are issued in the office of the Secretary of State. Once you have the registration papers, you should get them registered with the Office of the Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong. It would help if you did this at least six months before you are going to start a business in Hong Kong.
Different laws apply to the Hong Kong business. It would help if you, therefore, understood how to set up a Hong Kong Limited Company in such a way that you are compliant with the laws of the jurisdiction where you plan to set up your business. It is because if you are found not to be complying with the law, you could be forced to close down.
Another essential piece of advice when attempting offshore company formation Hong Kong is that you should register the company in a place where it will be easy for you to visit. Whenever you are away from home, you have to make sure that you have regular contact with your registered office so that you can communicate with your registered office whenever you need to.
You should try and establish a business relationship with your registered office and the business bureau. They will be able to advise you on many issues relating to your company, and you can ask them to help you deal with the problems of your business.
The Business Bureau will also help you decide what to charge your clients. In most cases, you have to charge your clients every month. You can increase the rate of fee every year if your business grows and expands.
It would help if you also tried to hire a business adviser when setting up your company. It is recommended that you choose an adviser who specializes in this field. A consultant can help you with a lot of things like setting up the business, registering it with the Companies House, and maintaining the business.