How To Set Up Hong Kong Limited Company – Legally

If you want to know how to set up Hong Kong Limited Company (Hong Kong) with the help of a legal advisor, then the best way is to seek advice from your local lawyer. You will find that he or she will be able to provide you with an excellent business plan that can guide you through the process of setting up the Limited Company and also guide you through the legalities involved in the transfer of the shares.

The first step in setting up a Hong Kong Limited Company is to register it. It can be done with the local office of the Small Business Administration.

Next, you will need to decide on a name for your limited company. If this is not taken care of by your legal advisor, then you will have to choose one yourself. You will need to think of a name that will make a statement about what your company is about what you want it to do.

Once you have your business assets registered with the SBA, then you are ready to register a company name. You can do this at the office of your local Trade Representative. After you register the company with the Trade Representative, then the trade representative can refer you to a Registered Office. If you need to find a Registered Office, you can use the SBA’s website.

Once you have all your papers in order, then you can go to your Trade Representative and explain the reasons why you wish to do business with them. It would help if you also told your representative how to sign the documents and also advise him or her of any legal difficulties that you will be facing. It is important to remember that a Registered Office cannot be opened in the absence of a Trade Representative.

Your Trade Representative will then proceed to submit your application for registration with the Trade Registry. When your application is approved, then you will receive official notice. At this point, your Limited Company will become a registered business and will be registered in the Register of Trade Companies.

At this time, your Trade Representative will open an account for you at a bank of your choice. And you will deposit money into it in the name of your Limited Company. Your registered office will then be notified of the payment.

At this time, you can ask your Trade Representative to provide you with a Certificate of Registration. This document will contain all the necessary information about your offshore company formation Hong Kong. Your Trade Representative will then close your account and inform you that you have successfully set up a Hong Kong Limited Company.

After a few months, your registered office will then become active, and your company will then be able to take on new clients. Your Trade Representative will then inform you of the status of your company at the next meeting.

At the next meeting, your Trade Representative will again open an account and provide you with a certificate of registration. Then, your Trade Representative will close your account and tell you when to come back to pay your accounts. And your trade representatives will handle all the accounting and financial records. At this time, you will be allowed to come back to pay your Accounts Payable in Full.

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